The Dive Channel recognizes the importance of the dive industry in providing experience, and assistance to their customer in our channel contents. Our network of Dive Industry Partner are from all spectrum of the industry who partner with The Dive Channel to assure that their customer’s respective needs are met by the channel. This give you, our mutual customers, direct multimedia entertainment and information follow by the assistance to direct you to the dive service providers, who in turn gets assistance with their bookings from The Dive Channel- a full dedicated channel, by divers for divers.

Anywhere you see this sign on our website indicates a partnership.

Check our different programs to see which training, trips or gears are run by one of our partners. By booking through one of our partners, you get a double layer of expertise and service-locally and from The Dive Channel. This arrangement is to fulfill The Dive Channel promise to our viewers of what you see is what you Get to Do Too!

We are also thankful to our other partners, advertisers and sponsors that has make our channel possible. Without them channel for divers and diving would not have been realized.

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