The WOWTV Dive Team is a dynamic production crew dedicated to the exploration, discovery and preservation of underwater relics through film and media. Usually a role reserved only for qualified professionals, now you can be a part of the pioneer team that will adventure into the world’s oceans, looking for lost shipwrecks and the untold stories behind their demise. This initiative is the first of its kind in the region, an opportunity never before offered to the public. Join us on our expedition and get ready to take part in the biggest adventure of your life working alongside world-class documentary film makers and expert tek divers.

The team will be tasked to conduct extensive research into every project prior to setting out for every expedition. Everything from film sequences to accommodation to local tie-ins will have to be planned for before venturing out for production. The team will constantly meet to update each other on the progress of their research, keeping each other in the loop about happenings of the project.


This is the start to end of the all the project expedition dates.

This encompasses the costs involved in conducting the expedition, covering everything from equipment rental to staff costs. All aspects of the expedition must be planned and budgeted for with some money set aside for contingency. This portion of the expedition is mainly covered by sponsors.

The participant will be sponsored for the duration of the expedition. Such will include accommodation, transport fees and air cylinder. However, he shall remain responsible for the procurement of his own set of scuba equipment, as well as the costs for nitrox/trimix fills, additional gears or expenses of personal nature. For clarification on the standard equipment requirements for each expedition, please refer to the equipment check list in the appendix.

This refers to the total amount of participants required for each project, including and assisting members. Land based production members are not included under this scope.

We are looking for a wide array of talents to duties crucial to the actualization and completion of our projects. If you believe you have the ability to contribute to us within any of the following roles, please send us a short easy about yourself and how you plan to contribute to team@thedivechannel.tv

The aim of this project is to venture on expeditions to document and record through film the lost stories of the sea. Every trip will be a full production, and will conclude with the completion of a story told through film, photographs, and the pen.

Every expedition that we partake in and film, we do so with the intention of capturing footage that we can use. A lot of footage will end up on the floor of our editing room, but the rest of it is likely to be broadcast, and all materials and content produced during the duration of the project remains the rightful property of The Dive Channel. All participants accept that they release all work done under the scope of The Dive Channel to be used for production.

The objective of this project is to provide individuals with a sense of adventure and a passion for exploration an opportunity to join us on the forefront of discovery as we unravel the mysteries of the deep blue. Every expedition we embark on will demand the most out of a person as we push pass boundaries and venture into new frontiers. The environments we work in underwater can be risky for the untrained or inexperienced, therefore training necessary for the special situations we will face will be provided, an opportunity otherwise attained nowhere else.

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